Travel Giveaway Winner – You Could Be Next


Congratulations Lee!
From Orlando, shout out to Lee M. the winner of the Caribbean vacation! Next winner could be you. Watch for details on our next vacation giveaway. Lee’s single and won a cruise for 2, reach out on Facebook, gratulate Lee, perhaps you’re the one to join him.

More Chances to Win – Next Giveaway to be Announced Soon

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May Giveaway – 10 Days in the Caribbean
Celebrating the launch of our new gay travel guide website, we gave away a 6 night Caribbean windjammer cruise courtesy of Island Windjammers and a 3-night stay at Villa Rainbow in St. Maarten.


Lee’s Trip to Italy – La Cucina Sabina

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  1. Louis Wendruck16 Jun
    Louis Wendruck

    How can I contact Lee to see if he would like a roommate for his 10 day Caribbean vacation? Do you have a list of single guys who are looking for roommates? Do you have a way of matching roommates? I would only do this if I could contact the person who needs a roommate in advance. I have had some very bad experiences with roommate matches in the past when I don’t have a chance to communicate with the person beforehand to find out if we are compatible.

  2. Don Tomlinson16 Jun
    Don Tomlinson

    Congratulations on winning the windjammer trip, Lee! Love the pics from your trip to Italy. I’ve never been to Europe, and it’s on my bucket list.

  3. Jeffrey Orth16 Jun
    Jeffrey Orth

    Fit, out and proud. Retired and ready to travel.

  4. Rosser Jim16 Jun
    Rosser Jim

    I am always looking for travel companions. It is very difficult to find someone who can travel and loves to travel the way I do.

    1. Tat Hean Lie19 Jun
      Tat Hean Lie

      I agree. So let’s correspond and explore our compatibility as travel companions and our travel plans. I usually prefer to pay the single supplement, except on a cruise, e.g. Sailing on the Royal Clipper, where one is expected to pay double for a cabin of one’s own. I this case I prefer to upgrade to a more comfortable room and risk sharing the space with someone, as long as he doesn’t snore!!!

  5. Peter16 Jun

    Looking for a travel companion lay would love to join you Peter

    1. Peter16 Jun

      Have passport will travel Lee

  6. John Brunelle16 Jun
    John Brunelle

    Congratulations, Lee!

    I love travel and I’m single.

  7. Matt17 Jun

    Congrats Lee! I live in Orlando too, am single, in your age bracket and love to travel. If you are interested in a companion, let me know!
    – Matt M.

  8. Faiz17 Jun

    Love to travel. Im single and olive skinned

  9. Don17 Jun

    Congratulations, Lee! Have fun and relax!

  10. Michael Cohen17 Jun
    Michael Cohen

    Congratulations Lee.
    Just returned home to Australia after a wonderful holiday in New York and Miami, my first visit to the States. Met so many great people. Cannot wait to repeat the experience
    Have a fabulous trip.
    Michael in Oz

  11. Jeff17 Jun

    It is hard when you are single to find a travel companion. I have started going alone and enjoyed it but always more fun with someone else. Hope you enjoy your free Southern Caribbean cruse. I have covered most ask if the Caribbean except a few less traveled islands as well as driven all but 5 states (MI, MN, WI, ND & IA) as well as been to 40 countries and 6 continents. Love traveling and ready to see the rest of the world as time and finances permit.

  12. Kevin WM17 Jun
    Kevin WM

    Congratulations Lee. I would love to travel with you.