#RocksAndBalloons & My #40 Fairmont Hotel in Dallas, TX

My travels brought me to Dallas, TX to celebrate the marriage of two friends Alice & Vinh. This was my 1st time in Dallas and of course I had to arrange a stay at the Fairmont, which is in the heart of the downtown Dallas Arts District and close to the nightlife. Upon arrival, I was warmly greeted by the concierge and was shown to my room.

Since this was my 40th Fairmont location, the staff surprised me with an amazing welcome gift and breakfast waiting for me in my room. Champagne was definitely the right way to start the day!

The rooftop pool area was immaculately designed between the hotel’s two towers and offers awesome views of Dallas’ cityscape.

This was the perfect opportunity to relax and and soak up the sun and warm weather.

With such a jam packed schedule with my friend’s wedding, I’ll have to take a real dip in the pool during my next trip to Dallas.


The Fairmont Gold Lounge on the 18th floor boasted from incredible views of Dallas while offering little artifacts that gives one a taste of the hotels rich history in Dallas. This beautifully maintained telescope is one of the hotel’s treasures and has been located in the Gold Lounge since 1969. There are also books chronicling performances in this very hotel by Elvis Presley and Michael Bublé.

The Bar! The Gold Lounge was such a great spot to chill and have drinks, they also served canapés throughout the day so I never wanted to leave!

I had so much fun hanging out here with my friends!

There are 2 wings to the Gold Lounge and one side offers a quiet refuge to read a book or catch up on the news through the lounges offering of several local and national periodicals.

My friends and I were so excited to have lunch at the Pyramid Restaurant. Taking advantage of the captivating private room, we had more than a few moments where we were being silly between the food courses. The restaurant’s hospitality was simply amazing. The chef, sous chef and pastry all came out to introduce and describe each course. Such an incredible touch, making our dining experience unforgettable.

The entrées!

Take a look at the desserts!

For dinner we had to check out the talk of the town “The Boiling Crab”. Wow, wow, wow! Now I can finally understand why my friends constantly rave about Texan cuisine, the food is amazing! I’m going to workout extra hard when I return to NYC to make up for the indulgences while here.

It was such an honour to be able to attend and help coordinate Alice and Vinh’s wedding. The ceremony was held at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden which was absolutely beautiful and a must see if you are in the Dallas area.

It was a gorgeous day and everyone rose to the occasion for the garden formal style wedding, so naturally it was the perfect photo op!

So what’s with the rocks and balloons? Glad you asked…

During the reception, Alice’s twin sister, Diana, spoke about how one person in the relationship is usually the rock while the other is more like the balloon.

The rock keeps the balloon grounded while the balloon lifts the rock and lightens the mood…they compliment each other.

I have always believed that I am the balloon in my personal relationships, but recently I have come to realize that I am both.

I often need to be grounded but I also bring light and laughter to the people I love.

I think possessing qualities of both, and having someone who also has attributes of both, helps each partner grow to be better versions of themselves.

This is what I truly think when it comes to Alice and Vinh.

They complement each other so well and I can only imagine all of the adventures they will have and experience throughout their lives together!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of and witness such a beautiful wedding and celebration.

Cheers to the incredible journey that you two are now embarking on!

And…I would like to give a special thanks to the Fairmont for hosting my stay in Dallas and for treating my friends and I to such a delicious lunch!

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