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Italy Gay Travels is the brainchild of Sergio and Kendall, 2 gay travelers who love to explore the world. We happened to meet in Puglia, a region in Italy that we both love. We both share the same vision and enthusiasm for this beautiful place and of course, for all the things Italian! We know you love traveling, so do we. Like you, we know that while traveling is very important, feeling safe and at home in the place you travel is equally as important. There are many places out there that claim to be gay or gay friendly. However, often what you read on the tin isn’t in the can! Here at Italy Gay Travels we visit as many places as we can, getting to know the owners and trying out the fruits of Italy to ensure that when you visit, you know you are in safe hands and free to be yourself.
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Gay Capitals of Italy

Gay Capitals of Italy Tour: April, July What is better than exploring the city of Rome, taking romantic guided tours of the Roman Empire, or experiencing first hand, the art of Da Vinci and Michelangelo? If you said nothing, then you are absolutely correct.Read more…

Puglia Gay Running & Hiking Tour

Puglia Gay Running & Hiking Tour: April Travel Gay Italy: Enjoy a physically exhilarating Puglia Gay Running & Hiking Tour! Salento, Italy, the location of this adventure, is what you have been waiting for. Anyone with a basic hiking ability can participate in the Puglia gay running and hiking tour.Read more…