Travel Out Seattle: Arts and Entertainment

Seattle is rich with fine art and cultured entertainment. Let Travel Out Seattle be your guide through it all. Start with one of our many theatres. We have shows that range from inspirational Broadway classics, to up and coming comedies. We can help you find the perfect theatre for the perfect show.

Next, get dressed up for an elegant time with our ballet and Symphony halls. Become enchanted with the fine dancing. Let the music sweep you away to a whole new world. This is an experience you will never forget.

Be sure to broaden your understanding of this amazing world we live in. Check out Seattle’s amazing museums. In one you can take a trip back in time through pop culture. Relive some of the greatest memories of your childhood. In another, you can gain a broader understanding of art. You will be able to explore exhibits ranging from well known classics, to modern art. Our museums have a rich history that we would love to share with you.

When you’re ready for some edge-of-your-seat entertainment, we got you covered. You will find breathtaking performances at our festivals and circuses. Be amazed at the acrobatics and artistry of some truly gifted entertainers. Don’t leave yourself out of the excitement. Nothing gets the heart racing like winning your own fortune at one of our casino resorts.

At Travel Out Seattle, we are dedicated to finding and showcasing all the best entertainment for our visitors. Weather your looking for an elegant evening of music and dance, or an exciting day of edge-of-your-seat acrobatics, we can help you find your perfect day in Seattle.


  • 5th Avenue Theatre
  • Pacific Northwest Ballet
  • Seattle Symphony
  • Seattle Art Museum
  • Moisture Festival
  • Clearwater Casino Resort


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