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The region of Sabina is known for its bountiful olive harvest. In late fall, the olive harvest in Sabina and the festivals, or “Sagras,” celebrates the bountiful harvest. Olive oil from the Sabine region of Italy garners its own DOP. Your guarantee that it is some of the best in the world. Our estate is surrounded by olive groves that produce our own olive oil. Our olive oil, Osco, is sold in Italy and the US. This week will include strolls through our olive groves to assist, or just have fun watching the harvest. In addition to participating in the harvest, you can visit the local mill. You will experience an olive oil tasting to learn what distinguishes truly great oil from the commercial varieties. We will visit one of the oldest and largest olive trees in all of Europe.
We will use our own Osco olive oil throughout four hands-on cooking lessons.  Our week-long program includes plenty of fun in the kitchen as well as day trips to discover the wonderful region of Lazio, the hills of Sabina and its medieval villages, vineyards, culture and people. We have planned a memorable dinner at a luxurious rooftop apartment in Rome, complete with its sunset over the eternal city. Our itinerary also includes a sins wine and cheese reception at an ancient medieval castle, all foods, meals, transfers and side trips in addition to a winery tour and tasting with lunch.


• All inclusive pricing
• Wine reception at medieval castle
• Tour of the world famous Renaissance Gardens of Tivoli
• Private roof top dinner in Rome
• Four hands-on cooking lessons
• Olive mill tour, class and tasting

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