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Toto Tours: French cuisine is considered the best in the world. Originally derived from many other European cultures, French “haute cuisine” came into its own from the 17thcentury onward, with cheese and wine a critical part of the menu. French gastronomy is so notable that in 2010 UNESCO added it to its World Heritage list for its “intangible cultural heritage.” Nowadays, it has widely influenced many different western cuisines, and it serves as the basis for most culinary education.

Now you too can learn how to create masterpieces of culinary art, whether you’re a novice or already know your way around the kitchen. Award-winning chefs Sidney and Alison Bonds met in Swaziland, married, and established their cooking school, Le Calabash Petit Conservatoire de la Cuisine, in a small hamlet in France’s Loire Valley. Serving as our guides and teachers, they introduce us first to Paris’s world of food before inviting us into their Loire Valley kitchen to introduce us to the local markets and specialties of the region, while instructing us in creating fine food. Bootcamp could not be more fun, more luxurious, or more delicious!

Tour Highlights:

  • Dine at the famous Le Train Bleu decorated in the Belle Époque styles and situated in the Gare de Lyon
  • Visit Rue Montmartre, home to Paris’s Kitchen and Chef Shops, purchasing some of the small pastry and kitchen pieces of cooking equipment
  • Dine on the Bateaux Croisières on the river Seine, enjoying champagne and viewing Paris’s renowned monuments illuminated at night
  • Culinary Boot Camp of Gold Medal dishes – Chicken Supreme with an Herb Farce, Confit Leg, Pomme Fondant and a Jus Rôti, and Tournedos Rossini prepared with Foie Gras and French Beef
  • Culinary Boot Camp of Fish & Paella – how to make a spiced smoked salmon and work with mussels
  • Master ‘Pâte à Choux’ – basic recipe for several French Classics
  • Culinary Boot Camp on the art of Soufflé and preparing a few of Sidney’s favorites using Goats cheese

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