Located south of Rio de Janeiro City, Angra’s vast bay features 365 lush islands—one for every day of the year—with more than 2,000 spectacular beaches. GaySail Exclusive organizes a special one week Gay Sailing cruise along these beautiful Islands on a luxury air conditioned catamaran! Some islands are private playgrounds for the wealthy, supermodels and media companies, but many are pure testaments to nature. Superb snorkeling, diving, and hiking, water sports, fishing, and cruising can be done throughout the region. Whether you’d rather find ecological treasures in national parks or go clubbing in exclusive bars, there’s something for everyone on Brazil’s Green Coast.

The city of Paraty is a National Historical Patrimony, meaning it preserves its countless natural wonders and architectural heritage. Founded in 1667, Paraty enjoyed great economic importance due to its sugar mills and plantations. As a bustling port, it saw plenty of gold and precious stones find their way back to Portugal over the years. Today, Paraty is well known for its charming old city with artisans, restaurants, music, culture and, of course, outstanding natural beauty. and of course Brazil is not only known for the beauty of nature but also those of men!


  • Snorkeling at Lagoa Verde
  • View gorgeous waterfalls at Enseada do Pouso
  • Exquisite dining options at Paraty Village
  • Stunning beaches at Mamangua
  • An unforgettable adventure at Bananal Cove


Day 1: A short cruise after everyone has arrived from the marina to the overnight anchorage at Abraão, which means “bay,” in old Portuguese. Dine on local seafood at one of the many wonderful restaurants.

Day 2: Today we cruise to Enseada de Palmas and explore the trail to the idyllic beach of Lopes Mendes – #1 on the island. We eat dinner and stay overnight at protected inlet Saco do Céu.

Day 3: Time to pay a visit the chapel of Freguesia do Santana, then we head over to Lagoa Verde for snorkeling. We will stop for refreshments at the floating bar, and then enjoy an overnight stay at Sítio Forte.

Day 4: A great sail to Enseada do Pouso, where we will go to a gorgeous waterfall, only a 10-minute stroll away. Then, it’s off to the historic Paraty village and its exquisite dining options.

Day 5: Today we will visit the stores in the historic downtown before heading off to Mamanguá, where there are excellent walking trails, stunning beaches, and perfect lunch spots. We will spend the night at Ilha da Cotia, at Paraty-Mirim.

Day 6: Enjoy another pleasant sail back to Angra dos Reis. Arrive at Praia do Dentista to swim around the floating bars for snacks and drinks. Head to Porto do Frade to have a leisurely dinner and spend the night.

Day 7: Explore Itanhanga Island and Botinas Island, and end the day with a visit to Bananal cove – the perfect final stop on an unforgettable adventure.

Day 8: Short sail back to the marina Verolme and time to say goodbye to your new friends.


Departure in 2017
October 14 2017 – October 21, 2017

Per Person
€ 1295.00
U.S. $1,370.57


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