‘Desire-Ecstasy-Bliss’ GAY-TANTRA Introductory Workshop II! February 8-10

Course and Contents:

  1. Body awareness, movement and encounter will help you to make contact with yourself and the other men.
  2. Active and silent meditations stimulate the flow of energy to sensitize the skin and organs and prepare you to sense energy coursing throughout your whole body.
  3. The imaginary division of your body into seven segments helps you to channel your awareness to a specific area.
  4. A relaxing abdominal massage will provide you with support to reprogram the habits you probably learned with respect to genital contact: touching – excitement – stimulation – ejaculation – flaccidity.
  5. Genital and anal stimulation will help you avoid premature ejaculation, get a stronger erection and maintain it longer.
  6. The stimulation arouses the area of your pelvis and your sexual fire; and you experience how this fire can spread throughout your body with the help of the chakras.
  7. During the ‘Desire – Ecstasy – Bliss’ ritual you direct your sexual desire through your whole body and connect it with a ritual partner. You both merge in a shared experience of sexual energy and pleasure.
  8. Presentations, discussions and personal exchanges will help you to integrate your experiences during the workshop with your everyday life at home, providing ideas for post-workshop practice and the ongoing inclusion and integration of GAY-TANTRA™ in your daily routine!
  9. In addition, this introductory workshop will also give you a more accurate picture of how you can benefit from GAY-TANTRA programs and their incredible potential for positive personal transformation!

This workshop is suitable for you:

  • If you want to experience yourself, your body and your sexuality in a new way.
  • If you want to overcome blocks and become a free human being.
  • If you want to develop your sexual life.
  • If you want to connect sex with love, appreciation, respect and spirituality.
  • If you want to increase your spontaneity and creativity and develop yourself.

Upon registration for this seminar you’ll receive for advance familiarization and joyful preparation the following materials:

  • Armin Heining’s GAY-TANTRA™ Educational Film ‘Strong Man’ (running time approximately 63 minutes), and other bonus films for download to allow you to maximize what you will learn and take home from this workshop! You will learn how to massage “the most intimate areas that all other massages stay away from”. You’ll experience GAY-TANTRA™ in the true sense as a holistic approach unifying body, sexuality, mind, emotion and spirit! More enduring, harder, longer – more potency for men! Be impressed and learn how to enhance your potency and avoid premature ejaculation by means of deeper relaxation, as well as active stimulation. Enjoy your heightened sexual stamina and performance!

Behind the scene of the GAY-TANTRA DVD “Strong Man”and

Open to All: Singles & Couples!

All are welcome to join us during the ‘Desire – Ecstasy – Bliss GAY-TANTRA Introductory Workshop II’…to learn…to share….to touch…to enjoy! The program is open to single men seeking to connect with men in new ways, as well as couples wanting to add compassionate, sensual expression to their relationships. The program is open to beginners as well as men with prior tantra/tantric experience (Note that previous participation in the Sexual Energy Massage GAY-TANTRA Introductory Workshop I is not

The unique format of this 2-day residential retreat will allow plenty of time for you to learn, practice, to relax and get acquainted with other participants in a comfortable, supportive and safe environment. You’ll live, share meals, and learn communally with others as an intimate tribe of like-minded men and have the opportunity to bond quickly through a variety of activities – fully immersed in Frog Meadow’s natural setting. Most importantly, we will all nurture, learn and share the important source of our zest of life sensations, of sensuality, and pleasure which are core parts of Tantra!

Note: Armin will be available at Frog Meadow following the workshop program on February 10-11 . You may wish to consider booking 1-2 additional lodging nights following the workshop to maximally decompress and integrate what you have learned afterwards, to schedule a 60 or 90-minute Tantric or Traditional massage with Armin, and to fully experience Frog Meadow’s restorative tranquility.

According to Armin: “I am very happy and excited to bring my ‘Desire – Ecstasy – Bliss GAY-TANTRA Introductory Workshop II’ to Frog Meadow…please join me!”

About GAY-TANTRA™ and the Retreat Facilitator

With the continuing release of his ground-breaking GAY-TANTRA™ 11-part film series beginning in 2010 and continuing through 2017, Armin Heining has helped Tantra become widely known within the gay community in Europe. His GAY-TANTRA™ workshops, seminars, counseling, coaching and films are unique in Europe and he is considered to be the ultimate authority on meditation and ecstatic sexuality, the art of massage and the culture of most intimate communication.

Moreover, in Germany & Europe, Armin’s GAY-TANTRA™ programs are widely accepted & considered as legitimate spiritual & sexual educational enrichment programs, created to serve the specific needs of the gay community – a resource that is not available in the US. We think this is a very forward-thinking point-of-view, and we’re pleased to bring Armin’s innovative GAY-TANTRA programs to the gay community in the US for the second time!

Armin Heining is the founder of the “Institute for Meditation & Tantra” and internationally recognized pioneer & founder of GAY-TANTRA™. For 25 years he has had an active presence throughout Europe with workshops, seminars, edu-vacations and training programs that include “The Gay Superorgasm”, “Love – Desire – Ecstasy”, “The Art of Erotic Self-loving”, “Ultimate Gay Sex”, ”The Dark Side of Eros” and other topics. 

During his 10 year journey from Benedictine Monk to GAY-TANTRA™ Guru, Armin Heining searched to learn the connection between spirituality and sexuality. The result of Armin’s journey was the development of a unique program that incorporates meditation and touch called GAY-TANTRA™.  Armin has gathered experience, both by working on himself and together with many hundreds of gay, bisexual and heterosexual participants using the most varied techniques & instruments to achieve lasting healing and wholeness in body, soul and spirit. GAY-TANTRA™ uses the strongest of these. 

Armin regularly facilitates GAY-TANTRA™ programs in Germany Switzerland, Austria, Italy, The Netherlands, The UK and Denmark, and concluded his first US professional masseur training & certification program in February 2015 at Frog Meadow. The upcoming 2-day Desire – Ecstasy – Bliss Workshop is Armin’s ninth time time facilitating a program at Frog Meadow!  

Armin is based in Berlin, where he is additionally the principal owner and lead Masseur of the Oasis for GAY-TANTRA™ massages, a place where a team of Masseurs provide GAY-TANTRA™ massages for men in an exclusive atmosphere, a Tantra School for gay singles and couples, counseling, gay sex coaching and more. His focused and structured, yet light-hearted teaching approach creates a relaxed and welcoming environment that will put you at ease and make learning GAY-TANTRA™ a pleasure!

Learn More about Armin’s Journey from Benedictine Monk to GAY-TANTRA™ Guru in the video below:

About The Workshop/Retreat Setting at Frog Meadow:

  • The Setting: The unique and magical setting of Frog Meadow’s 63-acres enhances your workshop and retreat experience. It is a sanctuary where men celebrate, transform and integrate body and mind and spirit.
  • Lodging: Our five unique rooms and suites provide comfortable accommodations for single men and couples. To simplify room selection, we typically assign single guys a spot in the Deluxe Barn Suite which sleeps 4 comfortably and offer other lodging options as available. We offer a simple and all-inclusive flat-rate pricing for most workshops that includes programs fees, lodging and meals. As a result, workshop/retreat program pricing is not dependent on room selection.
  • Meals: During your workshop/retreat stay with us, meals are served family-style. Much of the food we serve comes from our gardens or is sourced locally. Eggs, bread, yogurt, cheese, apple cider and many other items served at Frog Meadow are produced onsite or from the area, provided by local farms.
  • Workshop/Retreat Space: Workshops and retreats are held in a large, private, high-ceiling space we call the “Retreat Dojo” on the Frog Meadow property, within steps of the main house.

The $985 tuition for the Desire – Ecstasy – Bliss GAY-TANTRA Introductory Workshop II
is all-inclusive and comprises all program fees, materials & activities,
2 night’s lodging, home-cooked “from-scratch” meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches & 2 dinners),
exclusive use of the property & amenities at Frog Meadow.
See “Retreat Rates & Registration” &
“Important Information” below for full details!

Registration Rates & Amenities: $985 per-person, double occupancy (two per bed),  plus $44.33 VT rooms & meals tax, and includes program tuition and activities, lodging and dinners Friday through Sunday, breakfast & lunch Saturday through Sunday, as well as exclusive use of the amenities at Frog Meadow including 63-acre four-season recreation trail network, gym & wood-fired hot tub.

Note that due to the popularity of Armin Heining’s GAY-TANTRA™ workshops, we expect this program to fully book up in advance, so if you’re interested please contact us by phone (802.365.7242) or book online using our website’s availability calendar

Choose from five different room options: Room allocation will be made in the order of registration (first come, first-served), so be sure to register early to request your room preference. We will make every effort to accommodate your room request however we may need to re-assign rooms to accommodate couples or those traveling together. If this becomes necessary, we will contact you prior to your arrival. Click here for specific room descriptions, amenities and images

Room Options Occupancy Bed / Bath Status Frog Meadow Suite

Double King / Private Booked
Deluxe Barn Suite

Quad 2 Queen / Private Available!
North Room

Double King / Shared Available!
South Room

Double King / Shared Available!
Brook Cottage

Double Queen / Shared Available!




*Note: the Studio cannot be booked online and must be booked by phone only

Retreat Start/End Times

  • Friday February 8: Arrive after 4PM, Welcome Reception, Opening Circle & Dinner begin at 6PM.
  • Sunday February 10 Closing Circle & Lunch conclude at 2PM

Two ways to register for the Desire – Ecstasy – Bliss Workshop:

  1. Book by Phone: Refer to the table above for room amenities and availability. Call 877.365.7242 and we will gladly book your reservation by phone and answer any questions you may have.
  2. Book Online: Refer to the table above for room availability and amenities. Using our Online Availability Calendar

Important Information:


  1. The Desire – Ecstasy – Bliss Workshop is open to single men seeking to connect with men in new ways, as well as couples wanting to add compassionate, sensual expression to their relationships. The program is open to beginners as well as men with prior tantra/tantric experience.
  2. At the time of your registration, your credit/debit card (mastercard or visa) will be charged $514.67 (50% of the Total Program Rate plus VT tax); the remaining balance will be charged to the card six weeks prior to the scheduled retreat date.
  3. Rates are per-person, double occupancy (2 per room/bed except for Deluxe Barn Suite which is Quad occupancy). Single participants will be paired up with other singles on a first come, first served basis, based on room availability.
  4. Enrollment is limited to 12 participants and room allocation will be made in the order of registration (first come, first-served), so be sure to register early to ensure your room preference. We will make every effort to accommodate your room request however we may need to re-assign rooms to accommodate couples or those traveling together. If this becomes necessary, we will contact you prior to your arrival. Click here for specific room descriptions, amenities and images
  5. Please let us know at time of registration if you have any special dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.) and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  6. Frog Meadow does not have a liquor license. Please feel free to bring an adult beverage of your choice to enjoy with your evening meal, or we will coordinate pickup nearby on your behalf.
  7. The workshop facilitator is not a psychotherapist and this workshop is not intended as psychotherapy or as a replacement for therapy.
  8. With the completion of your registration, your participation in the Desire – Ecstasy – Bliss  GAY-TANTRA™ Introductory Workshop II program is bound according to the retreat’s Conditions of Participation
  9. Supplemental Lodging & Massages: Please consider booking additional lodging nights following the workshop to maximally decompress and integrate what you have learned afterwards, to schedule a Tantric or Traditional massage, and to fully experience Frog Meadow’s restorative tranquility.
  10. Waiting List: In the event of a cancellation, we will keep a waiting list prioritized in a first-come, first-served basis and will contact you should a participant need to cancel.
  11. Cancellations: For cancellations more than six weeks prior to the retreat, all fees will be refunded, less a 15% of total program fee administration charge. For cancellations after that time, no fees will be refunded unless a replacement participant is found (and will be subject to a 15% administration charge).

Travelling to Frog Meadow

  • Frog Meadow is located off Interstate 91 in southeast Vermont, approximately 10 miles north of Brattleboro, VT. At the time of your registration we will provide detailed directions.
  • We are approximately 2.5 hours from Boston and 4 hours from New York City.
  • The closest airports are Hartford (Bradley) and Boston (Logan).
  • There is daily Amtrak train service to nearby Brattleboro from NYC Penn Station, Newark NY, Philadelphia and Washington DC. If you arrive via Amtrak we will gladly coordinate your transfers to/from Frog Meadow.  


  • If you have specific questions about the Desire – Ecstasy – Bliss program please click here to contact Armin Heiningclick here to visit his website
  • If you have questions about Frog Meadow, accommodations, meals, travelling to us or other general questions, please click here to contact Scott & Dave at Frog Meadow

Q and A with Armin Heining about GAY-TANTRA™:

Q: For how long have you been offering the GAY-TANTRA™ Programs?

A: My very first class I offered was a day-long workshop in September 1992 in Nuremberg/Bavaria, already named GAY-TANTRA. Since then I developed dozens of different programs in a variety of four different categories that I have created, including GAY-TANTRA “Classic / Ecstatic” (highly energetic for sexual release); GAY-TANTRA “Origin / Meditative” (for finding inner peace); GAY-TANTRA”Massage / Wellness” (for well being, intimacy and touch); GAY-TANTRA”Holiday & Seminar” (tantric lifestyle and vacation).

Q: How many have participated in your GAY-TANTRA™ Programs?

A: Sorry, I can no longer count them all! My best estimate is at least 5,000 over the past 25 years! I am very glad about the development and continuation of all my programs. And it is always a great joy for me when men come back after a break of ten or fifteen years or write me an email that the experience of many years ago is still influencing their life today in a positive way!

Q: Where did you learn the techniques that have evolved into the GAY-TANTRA™ Program?

A: In 1983 I became a Benedictine Monk and practiced Zen meditation for over 8 years.  Then, in 1990 I was introduced to Margot Anand, the founder of SkyDancing Tantra and began to study with her. I completed her SkyDancing-Tantra Teacher’s training program and was certified as a SkyDancing Tantra teacher in 1992.

I was associated with SkyDancing Tantra till 2008, when I asked to be released from that community. The reason for leaving was to take a further step into my gay identity and to develop my GAY-TANTRA practice completely independent from a straight point-of-view. In a mysterious path I found in 2017 back to Margot Anand and SkyDancing Tantra and we feel more than ever connected in love, respect and enthusiasm for our common tantric path.

Q: Why are you coming to the US with your GAY-TANTRA™ Programs?

A: I love new challenges. I love to expand my energy field! And I love to be challenged in the truth of life. Coming to the US is a challenge and personal growth for me. And, I am very sure after more than six times in the US since 2015 that I can bring new things which have developed in Germany and Europe, but are not yet in the US.

Q: Anything else you might like to share about GAY-TANTRA™?

A: GAY-TANTRA is for me the most intimate way to be with a partner…and the contemplative tradition in Tantra, the Mahamudra, is for me the most intimate way to be with myself.

I love bliss and I love enlightenment. Both belong together. This is what I live, this is what I teach! And I connect enlightenment and bliss with having and eye on our soul – this is my very newest development.

We are especially pleased to host Armin Heining as he brings his Desire – Ecstasy – Bliss GAY-TANTRA Program to the US for the second time!

Meet Armin already at your next city now….

Armin’s frequent North American tours typically bring him to multiple US & Canadian cities so you can discover and experience the joy, ecstasy and bliss that is GAY-TANTRA! Join Armin for a multi-day, immersive residential program at Frog Meadow Oasis for Men in Vermont – his spiritual home base in North America – or for a sampler/non-residential program in other locations below:



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