Antarctica Adventure & Gay Cruise

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Starting in Ushuaia, we head to the world’s most remote continent: Antarctica! Over ten days, we’ll sail down the Beagle Channel then across the Drake Passage between South America and Antarctica. Then we will explore the waterways and bays of the Antarctic Peninsula and its islands, and trek onto the icy and rocky landscape as often as possible. We’ll see some of the most stunning wilderness areas on earth, rugged and savage, teeming with extensive wildlife. We’ll watch for Weddell seals, Elephant seals, and rookeries of penguins. Along the coast, we’ll see icebergs, massive mountains, and ice shelves. On land, we’ll explore the rare human vestiges such as an old whaling station on Deception Island, and perhaps take a thermal dip in the waters at Pendulum Cove. Our ship is the mv Plancius, a 120-passenger Expedition Ship. This is not a private charter, but it should be a fun, friendly group from around the world. This is truly a voyage of a lifetime during which, weather and ice conditions permitting, you will encounter the ever-changing world of Antarctica.


  • Journey to Earth’s most remote continent!
  • See some of the most stunning wilderness on earth.
  • View extraordinary concentrations of versatile wildlife such as penguins, seals and giant petrels.
  • Glide alongside icebergs, as glacier fields rise up to rugged mountains.
  • Ride a Zodiac raft to shore, then walk on the continent, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Travel: In 2019 travel on the m/v Plancius. In 2020, enjoy the m/v Hondius, the newest vessel of Oceanwide Expeditions.

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macaroni penguins on the HE Travel gay Antarctica Adventure

Your experience visiting the Antarctic Peninsula may vary depending on local ice and weather conditions, the availability of landing sites and opportunities to see wildlife. The final itinerary will be determined by the Expedition Leader and Captain on board. Flexibility is paramount for expedition cruises.

phil sheldon and guests at tierra del fuego

Our trip starts in Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world and the capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and Southern Atlantic Islands. For those arriving early you may want to check out a number of activities including: horseback riding, hiking, wind sailing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and diving. You may want to visit the nearby Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego, or Lago Escondido and Fagnano (lakes). The official tour starts when we board our ship on Day 1, but we highly recommend arriving in Ushuaia at least one day before sailing to minimize risk of travel problems impacting your cruise. For those arriving early we offer an optional afternoon guided tour to the “end of the world” monument in Tierra del Fuego National Park.

beautiful lush field in ushuaia argentina


Day 1: Embarking on our Great Journey!

a man feeling like he's king of the world in the front of the vessel in antarctica

After a leisurely day in Ushuaia to get last-minute provisions, we will board our ship in mid-afternoon. Our ship is a former Dutch Navy oceanographic research vessel that has been rebuilt as a comfortable passenger vessel with multiple observation decks, dining room, and private bathrooms.

Later in the afternoon we set sail and follow the Beagle Channel (Canal Beagle) into the evening.


Day 2-3: Crossing the Drake Passage

Two men in bright yellow coats are happy on the HE Travel gay Antarctica Adventure

Over the next two days, we will sail across the Drake Passage, where the waters of the South Atlantic and the Southern Ocean converge. Some of the birds we’ll see include Petrels (Blue, Wilson’s Storm, and Antarctic); Albatross (Wandering, Grey-Headed, Black-browed, and Light-mantled Sooty); Southern Fulmars; and Cape Pigeons. We’ll begin seeing icebergs as we near the South Shetland Islands.


Days 4-8: Antarctica!

penguins gather for a party on a rock next to an iceberg in antarctica

During our days of sailing, we’ll see numerous islands such as the Melchior, Brabant, and Anvers Islands. We’ll have the opportunity to see or visit diverse wildlife colonies (such as Gentoo Penguins, Brown and South Polar Skuas, Antarctic Terns, Dominican Gulls, Chinstrap Penguins, Adelie Penguins, Blue-eyed Shags, Weddell or Crabeater Seals). We’ll glide past breathtaking scenery of myriad icebergs, deep-cut fjords, glaciers, and alpine peaks.

a gentleman takes a selfie with two lazy seals

From the deck it’s likely we’ll spot Humpback, Minke, and Fin Whales. Zodiac cruises and shore visits by foot or by kayak (if that option is selected) provide close-up wildlife viewing and a deep appreciation for the unique landscape (and icescape) of the region. Adventurous visitors may enjoy optional camping and kayaking activities. (Early pre-registration is required for these activities that always sell out)!

phil sheldon and guests on the HE Travel gay Antarctica Adventure

Visiting Antarctica’s research stations, where visitors always receive a warm welcome, will allow us to learn about modern scientists’ life and work on the White Continent. One of the most prominent is the Vernadsky Research Base, founded by the British after World War II, but sold to the Ukrainian government in 1996. It has two major claims to fame. The first is that scientists here were the first to discover the hole in the ozone layer surrounding the earth.

a seal takes a nap on a dock

The second is the world’s southernmost bar, where visitors can get a quick swig while shopping in their gift shop for souvenirs, or getting postcards stamped with the imprint of the world’s southernmost post office. The bar was created when some bored British scientists commandeered some wood intended for a new pier to instead re-create an English pub. It still retains its original look – except that the menus are now also printed in Cyrillic.

gentlemen with big smiles after plunging into frigid waters in antarctica


Days 9-10: Back Across the Drake Passage

a sailboat gets up close and personal with an iceberg in antarctica

After several exhilarating days exploring the ice-covered land of Antarctica, we start our way back across the Drake Passage. We’ll again have the chance to observe a wide variety of seabirds that call this bleak region home.

a group gathers for dinner about the vessel in antarctica


Day 11: Back to Mainland South America

a happy ground stands under a disco ball on in ship in antarctica

Our journey ends with early morning arrival in Ushuaia Harbor. A mid-morning transfer will be provided to Ushuaia Airport for flights around noon or later, or you can stay in downtown Ushuaia to begin your next adventure.


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click Send Inquiry below for current availability and today’s best pricing.


 2019  February 7 to 17 Call for availability

 2020  February 5 to 15


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