Riverboat Bike Tour – France, Luxembourg & Germany: July

Outings & Adventures: 2018’s 10th Anniversary Celebration Trip, the first ever gay private charter European Riverboat Bike Tour was a tremendous sold-out success! So, we’re returning to the Moselle River on a three country journey, France, Luxembourg and Germany. We trace the path of the Moselle River as it meanders along icon water front castles, half-timbered fairytale villages, old Roman outposts, and routes connecting some of the world’s most celebrated vineyards.

Our journey together starts in Metz, one of the last Roman city’s to fall to Atilla the Hun and ancestral home of the Merovingian Dynasty. Metz has great architecture from the centuries and a Gothic cathedral that took 300 years to build. Meeting up in the afternoon, welcome board reception kicks-off this bucket list adventure.

We follow the breadcrumbs of history. The Romans “civilized” this “barbaric” region bringing their culture and the first grapevines. Little did they know at the time of Julius Cesar that this river valley would blossom into a Riesling drinkers’ paradise. On both sides of the river, the precisely-tended vineyards hug the steep slopes. Prepare yourself for an Outings & Adventures ride of a lifetime with lots of sampling along the way.


  • 5 Star Rated Itinerary
  • 7 nights aboard a private deluxe canal boat
  • 2 bike guides/support on all rides
  • Bikes, helmets and panniers included (electric bikes available)
  • 2 dinner options nightly while onboard, 3 and 4 course dinners
  • Welcome reception
  • Wine tour & tasting
  • Sail through locks
  • 2 onboard hosts
  • Deluxe packed lunches for bike trips
  • Bus transfer for Trail to Rail Maare-Mosel
  • Complimentary wine with all dinners aboard the barge (or soft drink)
  • Sightseeing and cultural activities
  • Numerous UNESCO World Heritage Site visits
  • Easy daily biking with options to increase mileage or climb some hills
  • Bikes – sporty hybrids that ride like a city bikes with 11 gears

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O&A Riverboat Bike Tour Kick Off in Metz

Vid from O&A Hosted TripReturn to the Moselle River 2019 Riverboat Bike Tour confirmed July 27th - August 3rddetails->http://bit.ly/Riveboat2019

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Join the barge, after having visitid Metz, an ancient city strategically situated on a Roman trading route. St.Etienne Cathedral is the 3rd largest gothic church in France with flying buttresses and Marc Chagall stained glass windows. Metz is full of stunning architecture, flowers and great cafes. Worth considering to arrive here a day earlier! 15 Best Things to Do in Metz 
Airport: Guests typically fly into Paris or Luxembourg taking train (TGV Très Grande Vitesse which translates to Very High Speed).


Today we leave France behind and look to Luxembourgh and Germany. For centuries, this territory has been French then German. German then French. You get the idea.  Thionville was the center of the steel industry until the 1980s. That might sound modern and industrial, but the city is ancient. The historic center shows us the medieval ramparts, lovely gardens, old streets and St. Maximin basilica which houses one of the finest organs in the world. Thionville is also part of the infamous Maginot line, an enormous defense network of forts and bunkers built between World Wars against the Germans. It failed miserably—one of the worst military strategies ever conceived. After spending millions on it, the Germans simply marched around in their Blitzkrieg warfare style. We pass the fortress high up on the rocky outcrop, one of the palaces inhabited by the powerful Dukes of Lorraine. The route is lovely French countryside, riparian landscapes and tiny villages. We ride past wheat fields and pastures of white cows (charolais) praised for their strength as draft animals and excellent meat! We end our tour in Remich, on the Luxembourgian side of the Mosel, Germany on the other.
•Easy biking (longer distance and hill options available)
•28+/- miles


We take you to a hidden gem. It’s a great story of historic preservation…imagine you’re a farmer in 1852 and you’re tilling your field. Suddenly, these colorful square pieces start appearing in the plough sod. What that farmer soon discovered was pieces that belonged in a tiled mosaic floor—dating back 1,600 years! The tile floor which lies in its original place, was once the centerpiece in a palatial Roman villa. The scene (in 3 million individual tile pieces) reveals scenes from gladiator games in the amphitheater. It’s breathtaking and original.

We pedal toward Luxembourg, the tiny nation about the size of Rhode Island. Don’t let size fool you, Luxembourg is an important finance center and EU administrative city. We have a stop in Schengen were the Europian Union created the Schengen Agreement, enabling Europian free traffic.

Our path leads us to a place that’s a throw-back in time. The name Saarburg means “fortress on the river Saar” to give you a hint of what to expect there. The ruins date back to the 10th century, a summer palace for the Archbishops of Trier—powerful men and power brokers in the Holy Roman Empire. We love Saarburg. There’s a natural, steep drop between the “upper and lower” towns, but they’re connect by a high waterfall. Town fathers back in the 1300s diverted a local river to run through the center so they’d have access to water to fight fires quickly and have continual energy to run their mills. All of this is well-preserved in the 17th-18th century homes that cling to the hillside. It’s medieval German engineering at its best.
•Easy biking (longer distance and hill options available)
•28+/- miles


We bike on to Trier, leaving the Saar river and following the Mosel again, into this lively university town, powerful Arch-diocese, and Imperial Residence of Constantine the Great. All roads lead to Rome as they say, but in this case our road leads to Trier, the 2nd Rome in the 3rd century. The history is fascinating. More than you’d expect on the sleepy Mosel. Great museums. Superb shopping. A gem of a city.
•Easy biking (longer distance and hill options available)
•28+/- miles


The wide river valley is now showing us vineyards as far as the eye can see. We pass the heavy-hitters in the wine world: Trittenheim lies in a sharp hairpin turn on the river surrounded by mountains coated with grapes. The chapel in the vineyard is one of the most photographed on the river. Piesport, Brauneberg and finally Bernkastel, the darling of the famed middle Mosel. This is Valhalla for Riesling aficionados. A good size village with great shopping, wine bars and ice cream. One of the prettiest town squares with timber-frame buildings dating back to the 1400s! The castle ruins on the hill are base-lit at night. An evening stroll along the river is a must…words can’t describe the feeling of Old Europe.
•Easy biking (longer distance and hill options available)
•28+/- miles


This morning we leave the river and vineyards behind. We bus you UP to an agricultural region called the Eifel. (and yes, there is a connection to the famed Parisian tower) From here, it’s an exhilarating ride downhill along a rails-to-trails path. Amazing! It will be the ride of a lifetime for many — through German forests and former train tunnels, over bridges and around small lakes formed from volcano craters eons ago. On the way, we stop in a quiet farming village known for its dairy and beef; it’s the last place you’d expect to find a volcano museum. After the last tunnel we have a break in a local little town were you will enjoy having an ice cream on the terraces, well deserved! This day is just one highlight of our biking experiences.
•Easy biking (longer distance and hill options available)
•28+/- miles

Another Mosel Beauty: Traben-Trarbach, this town features world-class Art Nouveau architecture that proves its great importance in international wine trade during the 19th century. Our bike journey follows the river upstream passing the steepest vineyards in the world to arrive in Zell, a beautiful hamlet where the river slices through slate mountains in dramatic oxbows and S turns. Zeller Schwarze Katz (black cat) is a legendary Mosel Wine. And then the Sleeping Beauty on the Mosel. It’s a precious medieval village called Beilstein. It has been the backdrop for many German films. You will have the chance to see the venerated and rare relic the Black Madonna in the chapel of the Carmelite Monastery overlooking the valley. Superb photo ops here.  After the visit, our journey follows the river downstream passing a last lock and docking in Cochem, a bustling and characteristic Mosel town with steep wine-clad mountains, wooded hills, an impressive castle and a picturesque square with beautiful timber-framed houses and cafes. You can visit the castle or have a glass of local wine—or both!
•Easy biking (longer distance and hill options available)
•28+/- miles


Our bucket list adventure comes to an end as it is time to say goodbye, your guided tour ends after breakfast. You can leave your luggage on board untill lunchtime, and visit Cochem a bit more.
Airport: Guest typically depart out of Frankfurt International Airport

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Her Name Is Iris or sister ship Quo Vadis (Latin phrase, ‘where are you going’)
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A luxurious and spacious, two-deck, 24-passenger barge with a homelike atmosphere, the Iris and Quo Vadis were put into service in April 2005. Its 12 comfortable cabins have private bathrooms with showers, and the barge has climate control throughout. Common areas include a dining area, a lounge with a bar and a sun deck at the bow.

The barge moors each night and guests are welcome to visit each port. Also, we’ve arranged for guides to walk us through the town’s highlights after dinner.

Drinks of all types are available for purchase at the bar on board the Iris. It is not customary for guests to bring their own wine and liquor on board; your understanding is appreciated, however a corking fee is available for bottles of wine you bring to dinner. Beverages included and available 24/7 coffee, cappuccino, espresso, chocolate milk, tea and decaf.

Onboard meal: 7 breakfasts, 3 packed lunches, 2 onboard lunches, 5 dinners of 3 and 4 courses (with 2 dinner main course options nightly). Wine is included with dinner or a soft drink.

Wifi is available onboard for free.

The ship is non-smoking.

Now Booking 

July 27 – August 3, 2019
One Week Private Charter

$3,995 pp double occupancy
July 27 – August 3, 2019
Includes port fees and taxes, and:

•7 breakfasts
•3 packed lunches
•2 onboard lunches 
•5 dinners of 3 and 4 courses (with 2 dinner main course options nightly). 
•Wine is included with dinner or a soft drink
•7 nights aboard a private deluxe canal boat
•2 multilingual bike guides/support on all rides
•Bikes, helmets and panniers included (electric bikes available)
•Welcome reception
•Wine tour & tasting
•2 onboard hosts
•Nightly guided town walks
•Bus transfer for Trail to Rail Maare-Mosel where we bike down hill through the countryside through former train tunnels
•Sightseeing and cultural activities
•Numerous UNESCO World Heritage Site visits

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Payment Terms
50% deposit due at time of booking (reservation is confirmed upon receipt of deposit)

Acceptable Forms of Payment
Personal and agency checks are welcome drawn on a U.S. bank in U.S. funds. We also accept credit card payments via PayPal with a processing fee of 3.1%

Deposits must be received within 24 hours from the time of booking.

Failure to submit payment within 24 hours will result in automatic cancellation of the reservation.


Travelers Insurance & Booking Flights
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Maximum Capacity 24 Guests
Vessel capacity is 24 O&A travelers in addition to a crew of 7: Captain, Mate, Chef, 2 Bike Guides, Ship Host and O&A Host
• Current Availability: 3 cabins
subject to change

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