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BuzzFeed Rewind: Mile High Disco

The golden age of airlines was classy, glorious and an adventure! Back in the day, you dressed for the occasion, not overdressed but defiantly not sweatpants and a t-shirt. Flight attendants were called stewardess in which they had to be young, unmarried, childless and look good in a skimpy outfit…. Read more »

Wine Country: World Class Cheese

There’s no shortage of opportunities to buy wine while exploring the nation’s best vineyards, but what about the beverage’s best friend, cheese? These cheese shops around the nation provide an impressive selection of delicious, often unusual dairy products within close proximity to popular wine tasting regions. Here is the magnificent… Read more »

2 Travel Dads: A stop at the Golden Gate bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge is an engineering feat. It is the icon of so many aspects of American culture and history. Simply put, you won’t regret visiting the Golden Gate Bridge. Taking one hour to enjoy the sight of the Golden Gate bridge is well worth it. The 2 Travel Dads… Read more »

Nomadic Boys: Geisha Boys

“As Sayuri was standing beneath the Cherry tree, speaking to the one man she loved but could not have, a sprinkle of delicate pale pink petals fell upon them like snow…” At this point, Sebastien GRABBED the remote control, interrupting the most beautiful moment of Memoirs of a Geisha to declare: “STEFAN! One day, we too will become… Read more »

Scruffy Itallian Traveller: Gay Caribbean Cruise

An all Gay Caribbean Adventure? Yes! He had one of the most amazing adventures of his life sailing in the Caribbean. As you already know, Scruffy Gios partnered with Outings and Adventures this October. He flew to the Caribbean and enjoyed a Gay Sailing cruise on a windjammer for one full… Read more »