Annual Ski Trip to Whistler

Just north of Vancouver, the town of Whistler has one of the largest ski resorts in North America. We visit this gorgeous winter destination with friends every year to hit the slopes.

Super cool fact, it hosted the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics!

We skied two days out of the trip. It was much colder than previous years so we really had to bundle up. We were thoroughly prepared, clothed in multiple layers, face masks, and toe warmers!

It took me a while to get back into the groove of skiing. By the 2nd day I was zooming down the mountain like a champ.

It’s like riding a bike, it comes back easily.

We rode the Peak 2 Peak Gondola, it’s the first lift to join the two side-by-side mountains. It holds the world record for the longest span between towers. 1.88 miles long with no towers between and the highest point above the ground is 1,430 feet! It’s actually really cool just to see it.

It was really snowy and misty the first day…

…then it cleared up for some wonderful ski conditions during the second day. The views were beautifully infinite from the ski lifts and gondolas.

I do have to admit, the worst part this time around was taking the lift during the freezing snow and high intensity winds.

But once we were up, skiing down was a lot of fun.

The adrenaline rush was amazing!

At the end of the day, the best part is taking off the ski boots (Because they hurt and it gets wet in there).

… and the next best thing is après-ski (after ski activities) like grabbing a drink.



Outdoor hot tubs and the heated pool area were very popular. They even serve drinks pool side!

Next up was the Gold Lounge at the Fairmont for some food, drinks, and relaxation!

The location is right at the base so it’s “ski in and out”

I decided to quickly warm up with some hot tea before chowing down.

There were so many options to wet my palette before dinner.

When presented with the option of Surf or Turf…

…why not go with both?

We went to a nearby Scandinave Spa the following day to bring our ski trip to a perfect close with massages and dips in the scenic outdoor Scandinavian baths. Rejuvenation at its finest!

It’s also a tradition of ours to take a day trip into the city of Vancouver, take in the sights and indulge in local cuisines.

Every year we have such an amazing time. Cheers to coming back next year!

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